Stathis Alexopoulos’ artistic practice falls into the realm of Neo-Pop Art, by producing sculptures inspired by popular culture and contemporary lifestyle. Balancing between art and design, Alexopoulos removes the usefulness of objects that surround our daily lives, breathing new life into them, opening them up to new interpretations. This way, he attempts to renegotiate the artwork’s subject matter, while the viewer participates
in the process of producing meaning.
In his recent work, the artist is inspired by his personal experiences, the relationship that flourishes between father and child, and the intense emotions that seal this relationship. Reminiscing on the concept of play and child interaction, he attempts to redefine his work by recreating the stories of the objects he uses. Toys function as symbols in his work, as vehicles of memories and emotions.
The gallery space is transformed into a “kid’s room”, while the concept of play assists the broader artistic narrative. The visitor enters a fantasy setting, where the main protagonists are recognizable heroes and familiar objects of childhood. He finds himself surrounded by colorful, flashy images, that trigger the memory as much as the imagination.

Alexopoulos’ visual vocabulary combines contemporary artistic creation with timeless symbols of the past. Experimenting with new textures,
vibrant colors, and finishes, he leads us to a different approach regarding the work of art, while his characteristic stripe-like style in
rendering the form, seals his entire body of work.
The resulting images of chrome-plated resin and marble, nostalgically link memories of the past with today’s experiences.

By Christina Pantelatou



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